Happenings in Palau 

There is always something exciting happening in any one of Palau's communities.

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Events in Palau 

Plannng a trip to Palau? You'd perhaps be interested in any of these events..

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E.g., 06/23/2018

Summer Breakout Night Market

Summer Breakout Night Market will feature Palau High School and Palau Modekngei High School! Summer at last!

Wrexpedition to Palau

Wrexpedition is one of Fish 'n Fins special annual events which lasts one week and includes 5 days of diving, 3 tanks a day, seminars and optional tech-diving. Between the dives and during the seminars participants have the unique opportunity to watch extraordinary documentaries about WWII.

Palau Open Water & Rock Island Swims

Alii Swimmers and Adventure Seekers!
We welcome you to the 2018 Palau Open Water Weekend! Get ready for one of the best swimming experiences you could ever imagine.

Kids Sea Camp

Sam's Tours has been part of Kids Sea Camp for several years, hosting adventurous underwater families during their time in Palau!  






"Wellness through Play"

Being the region's original and most successful OCR event KONQER continues to lead the pack with new course designs and venues each year. Our commitment towards health and wellness through pureness of "PLAY" can be experienced in every obstacle design and location choice we make.