Lost in a great expanse of deep blue ocean, there lies a Pristine Paradise, one of the few remaining paradises on Earth - PALAU. 

The best part is, this Pristine Paradise is so accessible. Check these flight routes on the map below. Let us help you plan your trip to Palau. If you need more information, contact us!

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Pristine Paradise Palau
one two three four five six seven

4 Hrs 25 Min

South Korea to Palau

4 Hrs 55 Min

(ROC) Tawain to Palau

2 Hrs 30 Min

Philippines to Palau

4 Hrs 5 Min

Japan to Palau

1 Hrs 30 Min

Guam to Palau

7 Hrs 30 Min

Hawaii to Guam

5 Hrs 10 Min

West coast U.S. mainland to Hawaii


Palau is located 7° 30′ North Latitude, 133° 30′ East Longitude.

In simple terms, it is a gem in the Pacific.