Known as the Stepping Stone to Palau, here in the southernmost part of Babeldaob, the Republic of Palau’s airport is located.

Airai also has the oldest bai (built over 180 years ago and renovated in 1984) and several sites of cultural and historic importance. In fact, 113 surveyed and identified historic sites of which 22 have been registered in the Palau Register of Historic Places. 6 of these registered sites have been restored. There is also a large reservoir which supplies Koror with water and the Ngerikiil River, which winds through mangrove and forest. Other activities in this state include a zipline and a waterpark.

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Airai State Sites
Phone #: 587-3511
  No. Name of Sites Type Fees/Permits Type of Activities/Tour Protected Areas Network Sites (PAN)
1. Bai er a Rengar er a Irrai Bai Platform 1.$ 5.00 Per Person
2.$25.00 Photography and Filming
3.$10.00 Snorkeling and Kayaking
4.$15.00 Snorkeling and Photography
5.$50.00 for scientific research
6. $100 specimen or artifact collection
$100.00 For research (commercial purpose)
$200 artifact collection (commercial purpose)
$50.00 still photography video filming (commercial purpose)
$50.00 Cinematography, film making(commercial purpose)
Government fee:
$25 research fee
$50 artifact collection
$200 photography/filming
$20.00 cinematography, filmmaking, filming.
1.Sight seeing/ Land Tour
2.Photography & Filming/ Land Tour
3.Snorkeling & Kayaking
Medal Ngediull  Conservation Area
Pan Coordinator: Clarence Polloi
Medal Ngediull  Conservation Area
Clarence Polloi
2. Malk er Besk, Oikull Landmark      
3. Metuker era Bisech, Ngerusar Yapese Quarry      
4. Beluu er a Ngerullak Traditional Village      
5. Chades er a Mechorei, Irrai Stone Feature/ Traditional Village      
6. Beluu er a Ngeruluobel. Beluu Ruluong, Ngeruluobel Traditional Village      
7. Ii er a Beriber me a Emaredong/ Chelebacheb er a Tut,Oikull Cave      
8. Uet el Daob me a Uet el Chutem er a Ngederar Carving of Balang took place      
9.  Olekull er a Risong, Ngerream Cave      
10. Terebel er a Meribang, Ordomel Stone Path      
11. Ii er a Itemruchel, Ngerusar Cave
12. Boi me a Cheremel el Belochel, Ngerusar Landmark      
13. Chelochel er a Orrak, Irrai Yapese quarry site/burial cave      
14. Bokungo er a Resoldau er a Siabal Historic Remains WWII      
15. Kaigun Sho, Japanese Communication Center Historic Remain Administration      
16. Olekull rar Turang Cave      
17. Beluu er a Ngerchebukl Traditional Village      
18. Btelulachang er a kemurrull me a Taoch er Ngiteuai Stone Path/ Platform      
19. Japanese Sea Plane Historic Remain WWII      
20. Gun Emplacement/75 mm Canon Japanese WWII (Ngelung Isl.) Historic Remain
21. Gun Emplacement/75mm Japanese Coastal Defense Gun WWII (Itemruchel Isl.) Historic Remain WWII      
22. Beluu er a Medal Traditional Village