Commonly referred to as “Tobi”, the island is located some 450 km southwest of Angaur.

This island state includes Tobi island and Helen Reef, covers a combined area of .63 square km. Like the island of Sonsorol, Tobi is composed of limestone and sandy soils, and only a few feet above sea level. The very extensive and productive Tobian taro fields were documented to have exist around the 1830’s. This photo shows how extensive the taro fields were during the beginning of the 20th century. Significant sites include the Ferehuhe Diangel Canoe House. Other sites are the Bonuyong, a man-made cave and the Matahong, Japanese living quarters.

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Hatohobei State Site
Phone #: 488-2218
Email: hsg@palaunet.com
Website: http://palaugov.pw/hatohobei/
  No.Name of SitesTypeFees/PermitsType of Activities/TourProtected Areas Network Sites (PAN)
1.IporuLandmark (menstrual hut)$1,500.00 for group of tourists, vessels and live aboardWater activities and Land ToursHelen Reef
Pan Site Coordinator: Rosania Victor
2.FeruhehLandmark (still-born babies burial site)
(Japanese made)
Man made cave
4.MatahongJapanese Living Quarters
5.HatobaJapanese Pier