Melekeok is located on the central east coast of Babeldaob, about 25 square km which extends from the lagoon on the east coast to the central divide of Babeldaob.

The state consists of long white sand beaches, thin fringes of mangrove along parts of the coast, swampy marshes, rolling hills and Palau’s largest fresh water lake and conservation area, Ngardok Lake. This nature preserve is open to visitors for hiking and wildlife/ bird watching around the pristine lake. Officially opened in 2006, the new Capitol Buildings are located here.

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Melekeok State Sites & Fees
Phone #: 654-2967
Name of SitesFees/PermitsTypes of Activities/TourProtected Area Netwrok(PAN)
Ngerdok Natural Reserve$5.00 / per person (entrance fee)Sight-Seeing/Land TourNgardok Lake Reserve

PAN Coordinator:
Kevin Mesebeluu

Phone #: 654-2967
Bai er a Melekeong Tour$5.00 / per person (entrance fee)Sight-Seeing/Land Tour
 $2.00 / per personSurfing
 $2.00 / per personSwimming, Ground use & Beach Play
 $10.00 per person/per group of maximum of 10 peopleBailechelid Beach use
Historical & Cultural Sites:  
Odalmelech (Stoneface)$2.00 per person/ per day 
Did el Bad er a Beriber (Stone feature)  
Ngermecheluch (Dock)  
Bai Melekeong me aike el euang el Chades (Bai/Stone Platform)  
Bukl er a Techobei (Techobei Terraces)  
Roismelech (Terrace set)