Ngaraard is home to one of the finest and longest beaches in Palau.

A pathway that connects the east part to the west is great for hiking, or visit Ngerchokl spring, a fountain of youth by Palauan legend, and Ngerkall Lake. You can also snorkel, kayak or fish in Ngaraard. A narrow stretch of land in this State offers you both sunsets and sunrises for you to enjoy. Favorite local dishes include demok, the taro leaf soup.

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Ngaraard State Site
Phone #: 824-4490
No.Name of SitesTypeFees/PermitsType of Activities/TourPAN SITES
1.Beluu er a Elab, NgaraardTraditional VillageFreeLand Tour1.West coast Mangrove Conservation Area

2.Ungellel Conservation Area

3.Ngerkall Lake and Metmellasech Watershed Conservation Area

4.Diong er a Ngerchokl Conservation area.

5.Ongiil Conservation Area
Protected Areas Network (PAN) Coordinator: JeRome Temengil
2.Chetoikechang, NgkeklauStone feature
3.Bai er a Ngeruau ma Chelsel a Beluu er a NgebukedTraditional Village
4.Ngerchokl, NgebukedStone feature
5.Imeduurang, Ngeribkang ChollBathing Pool
6.Beluu er a Ngkeklau, Ngotel NgkeklauTraditional Village
7.Ked ra Malk, NgebukedStone Platform
8.Blotk el Llecheklel a Chad el ngar er a Bad, OlebakelderauStone Feature Petroglyph
9.Beluu er a DesengongTraditional Village
10.Omkuul, ChollStone Platform
11.Tangelbad, ChollLandmark