Ngardmau is a place for adventure, whether you are riding a zipline to Palau’s largest waterfall, hiking in the forest, or diving in the Iuekako Channel where manta rays mate.

Rich in bauxite, Ngardmau was mined for this resource during the early part of the twentieth century. Terraced hillsides and a port are some of the reminders of this time. From Palau’s highest point, Mount Ngerechelchuus, you can view most of Babeldaob and some of Koror. Ngardmau’s traditional dish is the mangrove clam, which is a delicacy enjoyed fresh with lemon.

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Ngardmau State Sites & Fees
Phone #’s: 488-1401 / 747-2967
Name of SitesFees/PermitsType of Activities/TourProtected Area Network(PAN)
Medal a Iyechad$10.00 (tourists/visitors)WaterfallOngedechuul System Of Conservation Area

PAN Coordinator:
Irvin Dwight

Phone #: 747-6722
Waterfall$5.00 Palauan residence 
Historical & Cultural Sites:$10.00 / per personLand Tour
Ikeam el Diong
Edub er a Ielech
II er a Ngerchab (cave)
Olketokel er a Udoud el Bad
Orsachel er a Dub
Beluu er a Ngerutoi (traditional village)
Mine Strip
Temekai el Ked
Beluu er a Ngerdau/Beluu er a Ngesebei
Railroad Tracks
Japanese Dam
Any Dive Sites$15.00 / per person $500.00 (minimum)Diving Filming Movies or documentaries