Ngchesar is located on the south central east coast of Babeldaob.

It covers an area totalling 41 square km and has thick mangrove swamp forests. There are coconut trees and savannah grasses on its ridges and plains. The waterfall trail is a great place for hiking. If you like crocodiles, you can take a boat tour along the Shimizu River. Thought to be one of the most important archaeological sites in Palau, the Terraces in Ngerngesang Village are examples of terracing and through radio carbon dating, were dated as far back as A.D. 491 and A.D. 1150. Sites to visit include these terraces, and a war canoe.

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Ngchesar State Sites & Fees
Phone #’s: 488-2636 / 622-2967
Name of SitesFees/PermitsTypes of Activities/TourProtected Area Network (PAN)
Ngchesar Waterfall$5.00 / per person (entrance fee)Sight-Seeing/Land TourMesekelat Watershed

PAN Coordinator:
Verano Ngirkelau

Phone #: 622-1010
Historical & Cultural Sites:$5.00 / per personSight-Seeing/Land Tour
Beluu er a Tmachel
Chelsel e Mechut el Beluu er a Ngchesar
Oublallang el Bukl er a Ngerengesang
Etoilechang me a Kliis
Beluu er a Ngeruikl
Iliud er a Mesiual
Ked er a Kaliol (Anti aircraft Gun WWII-Jap.)
Japanese Defense Position
Beluu er a Ngerebkall (Traditional village)
Kabekel/Kaeb (War Canoes)$5.00 / per personSight-Seeing
Jungle River Tour Note: Ngchesar residence & students are free of charge$5.00 / per person $500.00 (minimum)Sight-Seeing Filming Movies or documentaries