Travel Entry Requirements

#VisitPalau Travel Guide

Updated September 27, 2021

Follow these steps when planning your vacation to Pristine Paradise.

Any violation of these quarantine and testing requirements is subject to a $500 fine and/or up to one (1) year imprisonment in accordance with 34 PNC § 104.

For more information on entry requirements, please contact
Ministry of Health & Human Services
TEL: (680) 488-2552/2553

Pandemic Safety Certification

The “SAFE FOR YOU” certification program was created under the Bureau of Tourism’s National Tourism Regulations for Pandemic Safety which requires tourism-related businesses in the Republic of Palau to be certified in order to service visitors during a pandemic.

The tourism-related businesses that are being targeted in this program are accommodation providers, restaurants, tour operators (both public and private, i.e. state governments included), boat owners, retail/wholesale vendors, spas, and massage-therapeutic establishments.The purpose of this program is to mitigate health risk for visitors and locals and to ensure Palau remains a safe and responsible tourism destination. Safe For You businesses are indicated below.



Beauty Shop

Melusch-Dil Beauty Shop

Boat rental

Aqua Charter Tommy Ngirbedul
Al-Ski Boat Rental
Babeldaob Boat Rental
Dongolino Palau
Emul Boat Rental
FY Tour
Glib Tmetuchl Boat Rental
Hence Takawo Boat Rental
Henry’s Boat Rental (M-dock)
Island Charter (Boat rental)

Joel’s Boat Rental
Jones Hosei Boat Rental
JR Boat Rental
KIR Boat Rental
KOA’s Tour and Boata Rental
L.K. Boat Rental
Mokko Island Boat Rental
P.O. Boat Rental
PAC Boat Rental

Pier 7 Charters (Boat rental)
PTC Boat Rental (Kemba)
Ramm Dream Catcher Boats
SBC 2 Kazuyoshi Sugiyama
SBC1 Mitsuo Sugiyama
Wade Boat Rental
Yolt’s Boat Rental
Young Man’s Boat Rental

Car Rental

National, Alamo, Enterprise Rent a Car


Bubble Tea Shop


Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) in the ROP

Food Service

Deli and Bakery

Gas Station

WCTC Mobil Mart

Gift shop

Over Drive

Massage Parlor

Anthias Body Care
Asian Therapeutic Massage
Health Service Center Massage


Etpison Museum
Belau National Museum

Night club

Club Zeus

Print shop

WCTC West Printing

Repair Shop

WCTC Auto Repair Shop


Ben Franklin Department Store
Globus Palau
Palau 7th Wonder Wholesale
Traveler Palau

WCTC Athletes Foot
WCTC Bargain Center
WCTC Furniture Mart
WCTC Pick N Save

WCTC West Office Supplies


Elilai Spa (PPR)
Mandara Spa (PRR)

State Government

Aimeliik State
Airai State Gov’t
Koror State
KSG Gov’t
Ngarchelong State Gov’t
Ngardmau State Gov’t

Tour Operator

Belau Dive Center
Cruise Control
Dolphins Pacific
Fish & Fins/Barracuda/Ocean Hunter
FUN Palau
Homark Tour
Koror-Babeldaob (K-B) Tour (2Bus & 2 Van)

Long Rainbow Happy Tour
Pacific Odyssey, Inc. (Daydream)
Palau Adventure
Palau Aggressor II
Palau Dive Adventure
Palau Int’l Tour
Palau Pacific Divers-Oasis
Palau Safety Int’l Tour
Rock Island Aggressor

Rock Island Kayak Expedition
Rock Island Tour Company
Sam’s Tours
Sea World Dive Center
Smile Air
Solitude Cruise and Scuba
U.B.D.I – Belau Tour
West Plaza Hotel Downtown